Sunday, 23 July 2017

Intonarumori tweaks and a performance

Here's a shot of me playing at Milton Keynes Galleries Improvised music scratch nights on the 23rd of February. Also in the frame is John Saunders on electronics and Richard Powell on Sax. I had damaged the membrane earlier in the day fixing a new string in so the intonarumori's sound was rather harsh. After two hours of performance the membrane gave way and the handle fell off again!!

 I'm now looking at how I can make the intonarumori more robust and improve it's sound. I noticed I had the string too high up and at an angle to the turning rod. As a result the wheel wasn't touching obliquely. This could make a difference. In Russolo's patent drawing he shows the string being parallel to the wheel turning rod.

The sliding bridge will have to be much lower. I may also have to lower the lever axle. Finally I've bought a length of 12mm aluminum rod and bar for the axle and handle to try and solve the disassembly problem.



 I've also added some speaker cabinet corners and straps.

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