Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I started making a Intonarumori some five years ago after seeing and playing on them in the Estorick art gallery London. I bought a book  from the art gallery on the Italian Futurist artist Luigi Russolo which had some photographs of the insides which I was looking to follow.

Luigi Russolo: Vita E Opere Di Un Futurista by Franco Tagliapietra

After having built the shell I stopped.

The inspiration. Intonarumori in the Estorick.

Heres a photograph of the inside mechanisms from the book

Today I've returned to making the Intonarumori and I've make quite a bit of progress. I had thought it was going to be quite difficult but once I started everything seemed to fall in to place.

I started making the lever/ slider and then went on to the spinning disc. All I need to do now is to attach the string, fix all the mechanism down permanently and then attach the other sides after having made holes for the levers and handles.

11 August 2011

Today I've temporarily fixed the lever/slider and rotating handle mechanisms to the base of the box and tested it. In doing so I've learnt a few more aspects about the design which will require my attention. At the moment I've got a smooth rotating head on my spinning device but my design will allow for different types of rotating devices to be put on, such as cogged wheels to make a 'plucking' sound. It does work however the electrical wire I was using as  a string snapped, so I intend to try a cello string and inlay a guitar bridge or nut on the sliding bridge mechanism which will improve the tone and 'slide'. Finally to keep the string taut there needs to be a  a guitar machine head (or similar) on end of the lever.

I've attached a plastic bucket. So it is starting to look like the real thing. I'll be returning to this project in September.