Sunday, 20 November 2016

Return to the Intonarumori, five years later!

Having retired from teaching I've now got time to return to my intonarumori to finish it properly and give a performance. I was unhappy with the black plastic bucket. It didn't look right and would lead people to describe it as 'That thing with the bucket on'. Beside a metal horn would resonate better. For this I bought two sheets of galvanized steel 0.5mm thick from a local building supplies firm. This could be cut using tin snips.
I had to improvise a compass to mark out a half circle for the cone and remember Pythagoras.
Some serious use of a pop rivet gun now had to take place.

This is looks better. The riveting was very difficult. I may look to redoing it.
Oh and here's me giving the intonarumoris first performance at an Improvised experimental music workshop in Northampton. The venue was very dark and the visual recordings  made were not good so I will look to a future performance to post. However here's a sound recording which features Richard Powell on sax. John Luccibello, keyboard. Anthony Sauchella  gongs –his descriptor for himself is sacred sound improvisation artist. Lee Boyd Allatson –drums. Many thanks to these guys for letting me join in. The intonarumori is making a sort of ump pah drone sound in the background.

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  1. The horn looks great! Did it change the sound?